The Journey, A Celebration and A year older.

"pening kepala bermula disini, kawanku."
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The Journey - A surprise transfer. Sir Alex went for the aging Michael Owen. Is he still the terror he once was? Have his lightning pace deserted his old legs? I don't know and I am not one to judge as I have not see him play for quite sometime.

Anybody still remember Teddy Sheringham?

The Celebration - A simple wedding. In Shah Alam. My old mate from Kolet days is now a husband. I hope he'll be a good husband.

In an unprecedented move, Sapet picked a bestman that nobody could have guessed. Ever!.
Anybody remember Pesot 97?

A year older and a year wiser. Yup, He knows it all.


  1. and i think that person is getting crankier and wiser as he grows old.. too much spending time with ol' fella in 14! hahah!

  2. takpe2..selebret kat penang wei...