7 things that I normally do to kill time.

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I was banging my head on the marble top table in Darussalam, not literally though. I just couldn't find a thing to do that would satisfy all my friends at that particular moment. Hence I'd like to list down 7 things that I do to kill time. What do you do to kill time?

1. Read books/magazine.

I love to read. I still have at my disposal the tetralogy of Laskar Pelangi and a book by Prof Shad. I sometimes read mags too. Currently I'm reading FourFourTwo. I also had a phase where I was into Menshealth. Heh!.

Take a puff

2. Movies

As you can see from this blog, I do enjoy alot of movies. I enjoy series too. Top of my list for recommendation now? Go for Benjamin Button - If you are girl, with a boyfriend that you love, ask him to take you to see that movie. You'll appreciate each other much more. Trust me on that one. He'll love you for insisting to watch the movie with him. Remember, don't take 'NO' for an answer. "I've seen it, so don;t ask me to go, ok?"

3. Futsal/Takraw

Futsal is a must every Friday night. Sometimes we play futsal on Tuesdays too. I think I'm going to play tonight. It's been a while since I played on Tuesdays. Takraw is a normally mutual choice as it is cost efficient and lots of fun too. However due to the downpour last night, it was no possible to play. Normally, I do this on Wednesday nights.

4. Play Guitar/Bass

I really like to play musical instruments. Currently I'm contemplating on starting keyboard. At home, while chilling in my room, I'd sometimes grap the old trusty guitar and play it for a couple of minutes. Sometimes, when I'm really in the mood, I'll play the bass. The last song I was practising on the bass was Big & Chunky by Will.I.Am. On guitars, currently I am in my David Cook "Always be my baby" phase.

Enjoy it

5. Snap pictures.

I really got into photography naturally after I started blogging. My pictures are all meant for this blog. I've since learn a few tricks. Get to know a few term on photography. Now I'm trying to work on some HDR pictures. It's still going uphill. I've still a far way to go before i can become Dave Hill.

6. Makan

I think this blog have shown a fair share of my expertise in this field. I do think that it's not too much to say that I am always a referred to when it comes to choosing a place to eat. At first, I thought I enjoyed food alot. Then I found out that I enjoyed eating with good company around me. Food never tasted as good when my friends aren't round.

7. Writing.

I just killed off my lunch hour posting this. Man, I do have too much time on my hands...

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