Sticker blog buih.

blog buih

So, I've been giving out the stickers for quite sometime. Numerous requests have been fulfilled via various methods. I'm happy that most of my friends have it now. Siapa tak dapat lagi please tulis kat komen.

I've got like ten left. No more after this.

And I have a HDR image of my stickers and envelopes. It's one ugly HDR. i know.

But I know what HDR is at least!


  1. how do i say it nicely...FUCK IT!


  2. nasib baik aku tak hilangkan sticker yang ko bagi untuk anak en sabri. hahaha. pg tadi aku jmpe atas lantai. nnt aku amek gmbr sticker buih. tak sempat lagi la peah.

  3. pee: cut me some slack la it's my first attempt wei...

    anies: jangan hilangkan stiker anak en sabri. Nanti Sasha gak yang kena jawab panggilan.