Dataran Merdeka

After given some thought on it, I've decided to come out with a new category/label on my posts entitled "Jika anda ke..." which is going to be primarily a place to post some of my HDR pics and also some quips on the location. -blog buih


I went out early today, I wanted to have lunch but I was still full from breakfast. Luckily I had my camera with me today. So I decided to drop by at Dataran Merdeka. It is not too far from my office. It was scorching hot. I just wanted a few pictures of the Dataran. It is located right smack in heart of KL. Tourists can be seen scattering around.

dataran merdeka

I saw 2 ladies taking turns snapping pictures. One was much younger and also fairer than the other. I think they're mother and daughter. I kept watching them as they were struggling snapping pictures of each other. After the young lady took a picture of the older lady, they switched places. In the hot sun for a couple of minutes must have done a lot of damage to my brain cells as I went up to the younger lady and asked, "Would you like me to snap a picture for both of you?".

She smiled and must have taken aback by my suaveness...heh!


"Yess pleeasee..veryy nice" She said with a smile.

I took her camera and took a picture. She came over to see the picture.

"So where are you from?" I asked her.

"Bangkok, Thailand...How bout you?" She asked as she flicked her hair.

"I'm from office..from lunch.." I felt the sun when up a couple thousand degrees.

"So how long are you gonna be around?You like Malaysia?" I collected myself to ask another question. I felt like I'm in a Bangbros video.

"I like..Tonight I am going off to Singapore..for two days..then back to Thailand."She said with another smile. The older lady was standing there observing the very tall flag. Pretending she was a flag pole too. I reckon.

"oh nice, enjoy your holidays." I smiled before I said bye-bye.

-Jadi, Jika anda ke Dataran Merdeka, jadi la host yang baik. haha. On the other hand, I kinda like the outcome of the pictures. And holding a camera made it easier to say "hi" to strangers. I think i'm getting a hang of it.


  1. peah...jika anda ke bandung?? hehe. sila ambil gmbr yg bagus sekali ya!

  2. jika anda ke dhanok, tolong insertkan gambar aku sekali juga.

  3. my opis betul2 dekat situ.where's urs exactly?

  4. jauh sikit aa..kena naik keta..dah dekat Jalan Ipoh sana...