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This is Mara Carfagna. She was touted as the Most Beautiful Politician in the World. She also tops the Most Hottest Politician rank in Maxim. She has close ties to Silvio Berlusconi. Previously, before she was involved in politics, she was in in the entertainment business. She was a showgirl and a model. She posed nude in Magazines before too. If you understand Italian, you can visit her blog.

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Ini pula apa yang kita dapat.
Macam mana? Puas hati ke?


Carfagna was born in Salerno. She finished a maturità in science at the Scientific High School Giovanni da Procida in Salerno. In 2001 she graduated in law from the University of Salerno, with a thesis on rights of information and broadcasting systems. She received full marks and honours (110 e lode) on her thesis.

In September 2008, Carfagna introduced a new law making street prostitution a crime, with fines for both clients and prostitutes. The bill was her first major initiative as a minister. She said that at present in Italy, "as in the great majority of Western countries", brothels and the exploitation of prostitutes by pimps were illegal but prostitution as such was not. She described street prostitution as a "shameful phenomenon".

Carfagna was criticized by prostitutes' representatives and other charities for introducing the bill. However, some Catholic charities praised her for having the courage to "take on prostitution as a serious social evil".

Ini pula, apa yang kita dapat...

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