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1. I played guitar since 96 to 98. After that, i moved to bass. Guess who was on bass before that? Sapet.

2. My first memory of primary school - Std 1, my mum came late. Everybody dah balik. I was about to cry. I was invited to a house. Who's house? Amad.

3. The first time i ran all over SS19, it was a frantic run bcoz my friend got hit by a motorbike. Now i just walk leisurely with him. His name? Shafik.

4. On the way back to school after semester break, we went for a short detour into Ipoh. The school reported us as missing. One of my accomplice was Azzad.

5. I don't like to listen to guys showing off in music shops playing the same chops except for one time..I went over and said "hi". He said "Ko rasa mana best?" I showed bassbone. I thought he's a bass god. He's Abang Ular.

6 I play all kind of sports. One that i am fond of is snooker. Who taught me most of it? Nik.

7 Is my jersey number with Total FC and is the number of my house too. Who else's house? Gel.

8 U think i'm pulling your leg? I've played hoki,rugby,football,basketball,squash,tennis,badminton,darts..all sorts of games, you name it. My main game now is Futsal and i got my shoes all the way from singapore. Who bought his shoes with me there? Zano.

9 I'm a supporter of Man Utd all my life. ever since i learn watching football. I never met a fanatical supporter till I met a Liverpool fan. His name? Xul.

10 Wanted a LX3. Got a LX3. I love taking pictures with it. Guess who had to go buy it first? :p Nani.

11. Likes to eat only with friends around.Especially Tok Ya.

12. I am into music. I like music from various genres. I like to learn how to play it on an instrument. For reference purposes, I only have to refer to one man. Rofizan.

13 Currently into takraw. It's a very challenging game. laughs comes much easier though. The best game to laugh ratio? Kept.

14 Love to joke around. My favorite joke buddy will be Shahir. He laughs at everything.

15 Drives a Myvi. Black color. My decision was made when i took a ride on a friend's car. Who? Pipit.

16 Hates all animal. Likes kids a lot though. That's why I can't wait for this pretty mommy to burst. Nuuril

17 Enjoys karaoke with friends was captivated by her voice though. Nyna

18 Used to gig last time. One of the most memorable was in Singapore. The gig sucked..but I played Maxwell Murder..yeah! who was on drums? Lan.

19 Likes to cook! "haa!!! I almost forgot.." still waiting to taste her rendang. Pn Sopi.

20 I'm bad with faces. I'm really sorry if I ever offended anybody by not remembering them. Most obviously, I can't remember where I saw him, I was sure it was quite often. Who? hehe Nakim laa...tapi tu dulu...masa nampak dalam magazine. Sekarang dah ingat sampai bebila....

21 Procrastinates like a pro. Always hoping to finish stuff at the brink of time. At work this is due to excessive chatting. With who? Sadat.

22 Likes to travel. Last most memorable trip with friends was in penang. Without him it would be impossible. Armi.

23 Likes to blog now more than reading. This is mostly due to the blog that prompted me to write. I think it's defunct now. Nelle's blog.

24 Enjoys looking at pictures. Especially on Facebook. Eventhough i dont know who's in the picture. My fav photographer now? Nana with her new cam....gambar cantek...

25 Is not a very good boyfriend. Not attentive, does not show affection, likes to fool around with other girls and does not put enough effort into the relationship said the only girl I've been going out with for 9 years. The only girlfriend i ever had.haha..


  1. aku ske no 4 ... wat aku terkenang kita selalu kena interview dek SamCit ...


  2. hahaha..akhirnya sampai kau ke sini...aku nak tulis banyak lagi kisah2 adventure aku dengan kau dan kawan2 lain...

    hahha..Samcit..sampai sekarang ni pun masih lagi tak suka kat aku...