The curious case of Benjamin Button.

- I suspect he suffers from the same rare disease.
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We had time to kill. It was Monday evening at our local joint. Fresh out from our Monday Blues period at work, we found ourselves wanting some fun or a venue to let off steam.

Each of us opined on what we should do. It covered a vast area spanning from Takraw right down to Karaoke. We chose the movies. So, Xul, Zano, Armi and I went to watch the movie as titled above.

Right after the purchase was made, while our money was still in the cashier's hand, I saw on the flyer in front of me. It read - Benjamin Button - 170 minutes.

"Nor, 170 minit la, tak lama ke?"

"A'ah siot..damn 3 jam nih."

Ok, so we anticipated what the next 3 hours was like while having a very sped up dinner at Waffle's World. I had a classic waffle.

The first hour of the movie was a little bit of a drag. But once the characters of the movie have sip through our minds, I think the movie went on at a very leisurely pace. In fact it was rather entertaining. Please bare in mind that I have kept myself only occupied with comedy movies since last year. I wouldn't want to spent 170 minutes in the movies thinking about the movie. I'd rather laugh my head off. But spent hours I did and I was left eager till the very end of the movie, trying to hope for the best for both Benjamin and Daisy though I realise that it was bleak.

I really entertaining movie. I can really see why they won an Oscar for best make-up. I do recommend it for all of you, provided that you weren't too tired and have the time to spare.

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  1. dah tgk dah cite tu.. on the dvd.. me being me, still can't find the logic behind it, downloaded the ebook, then realised, its just a story. pffts.