I used to like swimming pools.

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The year was 1997. I was a Form 4 in a boarding school north of Ipoh. Well during that time...there was lack of water supply to the toilets every morning. I'll get up early in the morning, walk my self groggily to the common toilet and find that there will be rows of soap in front of each shower. The rows of soaps is a system devised to reflect on the queuing order.So one will have to put his soap in line before heading to the wash basin to brush his teeth or shave.

So, one morning, I met up with my buddy Fadal. He was staying at the next dormitory in East Wing.

"Tak boleh jadi wei..takde air ni..nanti lambat mandi, pegi class lambat kena rotan"
I started chatting with him.

"Ok takpe, camni ah..ko amik baju sekolah kau semua, kau ikut aku" He told me assuredly.

I took all my school clothes, walked with him in the wee hours. "Nak gi mana ni?" I asked him as we were already near to the school block.

He showed the pool. It was right next to us. He climbed the fences to get into the awimming pool area. I retraced his steps.

"Ok, letak baju kita semua kat hujung sana, kita masuk dari hujung sini, berenang sampai sana pastu terus siap2 pegi kelas. Sampai kelas baru gosok gigi"

So, with his ingenious plan we went to dive stark naked into the pool, swam as fast as possible to the other end. as we wouldn't want anybody to notice that we were in the pool, got out and put on our school uniform.

We did that for about a week till they fixed the water pressure issue.

That was when I used to like pools. Now, I love them.

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