What a Sunday.

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The Pledge
I woke up late, had many things to do. Things like read books, write and criticize. Play the bass guitar, get some lines down. Jog, yup, I gave myself a petty reason, my heels hurt. Not much. Just irritating enough to force me to stay in bed, the whole day.

So like any good Sunday, I started it off with Rock n Rolla. I would want to tell you bout what it is all about. But I think it's impossible to tell about Guy Ritchie's work. So you've got to see that one for yourself.

Then I saw that I have finished downloading Chuck, so I clicked on that. I really can't tell enough about how much I enjoy Chuck. Between the funny and at times stupid character and the sweet yet tough as nails agent Walker, I was hooked in perpetuity.

The Turn
Then, I put in Kill A Messenger by Chris Rock into the DVD player. It churned out one of the better stand up comedy I've seen for quite sometime. I remember last I saw was Russell Peter's Red, Blue And Brown. This was just as hilarious. At least i know now that, there are only a few instances where a White can call a Black, "Nigger", like ; "Fuck Me harder, Nigger!"

I spent a good one hour and a half watching the DVD. It was a combination of shows that Chris Rock did in his tour which consists of Jo-Berg, London and the Apollo Theater New York.

By the end of that show, I was dumbfounded. There was no more movies in my PC that I haven't watch. There was no pirated DVD's lying on my study table. So I got up and walked to the door. Then I saw The Prestige DVD that was left on the cabinet.

I took it, popped it in, and watched it. Half way, it started raining cats and dogs so i decided to take a nap. When I woke up, I finished the whole movie. I really enjoyed it.

The Prestige
Then I went out for dinner with my friends at Ayam Penyet in SS15. It was really nice.

"Are you watching closely?"

* This picture was taken in a 10 sec shutter speed shot. I was supposed to change my positions from the first position at the back. As I moved forward, I slipped and nearly fell into the pool. That was a genuine scream. I felt lucky because I didn't end up in the pool.

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