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I'm on MC today. When I woke up, I was in dire need to rush to the bathroom. My heel condition, which I have diagnosed myself to be Plantaar Fasciiatis is not helping. I was on a diarrhoea streak. That was the third time I had to rush to the loo. With my heel feeling like it's about to burst, I limped off to bathroom. Like the image of 'courage' in the Olympics advertisement.

That was just one of the plethora of illnesses I am facing right now.

That animal up there is my B2.1U. It is a multi-effects for bass. But I am using it primarily now as a soundcard. Actually. I really don't need it to be a soundcard. But I guess it'll serve a better purpose there compared to being stuck in my gigbag. I don't think it should be called that. I shall call it my lack-of-gig-bag.

Should I be considering a single stombox then? Hmm I dont know.. and since Tareh's blog is not helping much..I'm really on the fence now.

Look at the picture above. More important than the subject matter, there's my wireless thingy at the bottom of the picture without which will cut off my affair with Ashlynn Brooke. Theres also a headphone on the top left corner. Most noticbly is my pink and underutilised ashtray.

I have to go create a place where I can sell stuff. Who wants big clothes? boleh buat gebor.
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