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This is one of the readers of this blog. I know that coz he's also one f my models for all my photography endeavors. Especially my HDR shots.

He's a Liverpool fan. A fanatical one.

He's ride is the coolest coz it's the biggest between all of my friends car.

He likes to joke around. He's a keeper that could do better with some improvement with his ball control. Or else I will always be afraid to back pass to him.

Sometimes, when he is under pressure he runs to the sea.
Kadang2 bila dia di bawah tekanan dia akan berlari kelaut.

[berlari kelaut di sini macam pitching ke laut. Bukan laut betul tapi macam berlari2 tak menentu macam nak carik laut]

banyak lagi benda2 ngarut dia ni buat...

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