Lepaq & BBQ Chicken.

We had no idea where we were driving to. It was Saturday night and we don't have a clue where we should go for dinner.

So, aku cadangkan kat mereka. "Jom kita pergi Hartamas, kita tengok apa ada kat sana".

That was how we found Lepaq. I've heard of it before but this is my first time there.

We had dinner at BBQ Chicken next door. This was due to Lepaq no having 2/3 of its menu. I don't know why. Maybe their chef was on holiday that night. But anyway, in true Lepaq spirit, they went on with serving limited menus to their customers.

I had one of the chickens on the left. It was one hot chicken drumstick. Hotter than any chick I saw that night.

After dinner, we went to Lepaq again. The crowd was filling it up nicely. The cozy setup was very enjoyable. We sat at the same table that we did previously. Apparently that table was not in demand due to its location which hindered us visibility of the stage.

Damien came on to perform. He did his rendition of Lost Without You -Robin Thicke that i liked. He was really entertaining and full of flavor, more than the drinks served there had flavor. The Teh Tarik was too diluted for my liking.
Managed to grab HDR shot at Lepaq. I was luggin my tripod around. I need a Manfrotto.

If you wanna chill and hang out, head down to Lepaq but like any headache pills - to be taken after meal only.
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  1. aku blog hop. nampak gambar hot hot drum.
    sedaappp kan.

  2. Pedas gile ah...macam nak mati kepedasan.

    Orang Korea tak makan pedas2 macam tu.

  3. lama tak gi hartamas. sobs. bwk aku peah.

  4. buleh2....

    aku bawak kau, kau bawak dia.


    oits, sticker dah bagi lom?

  5. kenapa rambut xul jadi kelabu?

  6. mmg effext die style camtuh...ntah ah...