Why do you have to do that to me?

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I was driving harmlessly. Carefully abiding to the road signs which leads to the end of the maze. My quest out of the parking lot found me facing a spiral. The final road that would lead me to the freedom from underneath the deepest pit of Sunway's underground gut.

I saw a figure walking in the opposite direction. It's clear to be seen that the figure's steps are awkward like, out of rhythm or trying too hard to walk gracefully . For some reason unknown to me, I kept looking at that person. We would surely cross path. One was walking down the road which the other was trying to get out of it.

As we cross path, I identified him as a big man. About 6 foot tall. Short Hair. T-shirt and 3/4 shorts. Just like most of us. Except, he had this unnatural, effeminate whiff, to his walk. He saw me staring at him.

He then smiled and raised both his eyebrows!

I got hit on by a guy. Bigger than me pulak tu!..Damn i feel so insecure and vulnerable. Dia tak nampak ke Xul kat sebelah aku?

Suey ah!

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