Obroma Chocolate Lounge - SSTSB 18

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A friend of mine once said to me that she wants to have dinner at Obrama's Chocolate Lounge with me. I waited and was stood up.

So, I took the initiative to go there by myself. All alone, all by myself.

Actually, I came across this shop while loitering in One Utama on the last day of February.

I went to the counter. "Hi, I'd like to try something but it's my first time here..can you help me out?"

"Tengok la kat menu tu.." kata gadis yang sungguh baik hati itu.

Then her supervisor came. She was really helpful. She guided my conscience to convince myself that it was ok to have Chocolate shake with Ice Cream and Milk on a Saturday afternoon. Ala..ok la..last day of the month.. ala..February ada 28 hari je..Macam2 alasan la untuk membolehkan aku beli minuman tu.

So aku order air tu. It went by the name "Iceberg" something. It's the best drink I'm ever going to have but because I love myself I have to stay away from it. I think it's effects are worse than alcoholic beverages. note: "I think".

It's very milky. It has chocolate flakes and powder sprinkled on top. A single scoop of vanilla ic cream is found floating in the middle of it all. With the first sip, Chocolate milk starts to rush into your mouth. Then, the sweet taste hits you. By now, the Ice cream is starting to melt. It forms an understanding with the rest of the sahke in the tall glass. An understanding which was meant to give those who taste it, a taste of heaven.
It was too sweet for me. So I had to justify drinking it with some good deed. With the sugar rush pummeling through my head, I got the bright idea of drinking a glass of plain water with the purpose of diluting the sugar. Ok, it didn't sound to bright now but I swear that it was the only thing to do to get rid of my guilty conscience. Plus, the walk to and fro could shave some calories off.

And I had to take a picture of the shop. It's filled with rows and rows of chocolate like the dreams I use to have when I was small. Not that I don't have chocolate dreams now but now, it is mostly like Megan Fox covered in chocolate or watching Scarlett Johanson and Jessica Alba fight it out in a chocolate pool. In both instances, I don't really remember enjoying the chocolate. Not like in Obrama Chocolate Lounge.

*The unhelpful girl saw me walking around with my camera. She conveniently came in the frame while I was about to snap. Post editing; "I had to crop you off sista!"


  1. looking very sinful indeed.price mampu minum tak?

  2. ok jugak. not too bad.

    That iceberg shake was like 10.90

    obviously not a daily basis drink..tapi kalau sekali2 dating tu ok la...