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We were actually mid-conversation when we walk by that shop. Both of our trained eyes caught a glimpse of something we were well trained for. Her skin was fair, porcelain-like. Her hair was long and flowing. She wore a hippie-like string on her head. She had a retro summer blouse on with a tight legging to accentuate her athletic legs. We were stunned in front of that shop. Watching her taking clothes around the shop and attending to customers. After a few minutes, we walked in. I think she noticed us but we're harmless..maybe she's used to being stalked anyway.

On the way back we had a conversation.

Buih: Ko la usha dia macam orang gila..kan dia dah cuak..

Xul: No I did'nt, you were looking at her like a parking fervert.

Buih: Hahahaha

Terlupa sekejap aku pasal awek tu setelah Xul ketok.

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